Meditation in nature

August 25, 2017

Find a quiet, comfortable space somewhere outside to meditate. Allow your awareness to drop down into your belly and notice your breath, notice the natural rise and fall as you inhale and exhale. Notice your feet on the ground, see if you can feel them let go into the support underneath you. Extend that to the rest of your body, feeling the support of the earth under you... just let go a little more with each exhale. Notice any bodily sensations that stand out, any place you have tension or even pain, see if you can just keep it company with your attention. Don’t try to force it to go away or change, just notice. Pause. Begin to notice any feelings you might have, bringing a friendly attitude of gentle curiosity to them, again, you don’t have to like them, just allow whatever you notice to be there. Any thoughts that come in, you might just notice, allowing them to drift by like clouds in the sky. If you notice that you begin to leave the present moment, thinking about the past or future, just bring yourself back. Notice your experience of the natural world in this moment, through your five senses, notice the sounds around you, maybe even sounds farther away, notice the sunlight as it filters through your eyelids, notice anything you smell, the temperature of the air on your skin. take your time and as you feel complete, allow yourself to gently open your eyes.



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