Winter health and wellness

December 20, 2017


Give yourself permission to stay inwardly focused this season; this is a great time to begin an awareness practice like meditation. Hot tea, baths, soups, candles, cozy and warm space for you to rest and regenerate are essential this time of year. Use grounding, earthy essential oils like cedar, vetiver cinnamon or sage mixed with cleansing & uplifting citrus oils like grapefruit, bergamot or lemon. Stay in bed longer and keep a dream journal, paint or write poems. Keeping in step with nature means honoring the shortened days and longer nights, cultivating yin energy through acupressure, yoga, massage and other self care practices. We are taught to do the opposite in winter- to stretch, extend, be outwardly focused but the darker time of the year offers us a direct connection with the rich, creative fertile soil of the feminine. Take mother earth up on her invitation.


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